Printable Hen Party Bundle - 7 Hen Do Games - Instant Download
Printable Hen Party Bundle - 7 Hen Do Games - Instant Download
Printable Hen Party Bundle - 7 Hen Do Games - Instant Download

Printable Hen Party Bundle - 7 Hen Do Games - Instant Download

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Are you planning the perfect hen party? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered as our ultimate hen party games bundle is the answer to your prayers. With SEVEN different games to play, we’re pretty confident you’ll be provided with endless giggles.

The games included are:
• Cock or not?
• Dirty Pictionary
• Dirty Emoji Pictionary
• His Last Words
• Guess the Sex Position
• Would She Rather?

Cock or not?

Is it a cock, or is not? This 12 question game is the true test of cock knowledge for your hen party. If you’re looking for a cheeky game that is bound to cause a few giggles, especially after a cocktail or two (or ten) then look no further.

These photos have been meticulously arranged so that is tricky to tell what is a cock, and what is not. Simply print off your game sheets, distribute them to your bridal party, set a timer and get guessing! The game also comes with an answer sheet so you can settle the scores after too and dish out prizes to the winners!

Dirty Pictionary

This game is a rude spin on the classic Pictionary, so if you love Pictionary, and you have a filthy mind, then this is definitely the hen party game for you.

The game comes with 48 cheeky words to choose from. To play you will need to cut out the words, get into teams, set the timer to 2 minutes and draw as many words as you can within the time limit whilst your team guesses what they are. You don’t have to be a good at drawing to play, in fact it’s probably a little funnier if you’re terrible at it!

Dirty Emoji Pictionary

We all love sending a cheeky emoji now and then, so why not turn it into a game for your hen party?! These emoji’s have been arranged with a secret message within them, it’s up to you and your hen party teams to guess what the message is!

The Dirty Emoji Pictionary game has 16 different emoji questions to answer and comes with an answer sheet too.

His Last Words

His last words is the game to test how in sync the bride and groom are before their big day! The game provides some cheeky questions in which points will be rewarded to those who guess correctly what the groom answered.

The game ‘His Last Words’ requires a small amount of pre-hen party planning, you’ll have to get in touch with the groom and get him to answer the quiz questions before the hen party. You can work individually or break off into teams to provide guesses on what you think the groom has answered. If your answers match, then you win points!

Guess the Sex Position

How well do you and your hen party know your sex positions? This rude Guess The Sex Position quiz provides 9 illustrated sex positions, and it’s your job to match up the illustration with the correct name.

The game comes with 9 different positions to name correctly and an answer sheet too. Simply print your game sheets ahead of time and distribute them to your hens for them to play! Some positions include the Star Baker, Doggy, The Snail, Side Saddle and the fan-favourite Pretzel Dip!

Would She Rather?

How well do you know the bride? This game is a must-have to test your hen party on well well they know you! For instance, would the bride rather have vaginas in their armpits or armpits between their legs? It’s thought-provoking, meaningful questions like these that really cement the bond between bride and hen. We hope that the majority of these scenarios never come up in real life, but you never know, at least you’ll be prepared.

The aim of the game is to guess what you think the bride would rather in each scenario! With 10 different questions answer, by the end of the game you will know the bride better than most.

• 18+ adults only
• INSTANT Download - PDF Format
• A4 Portrait Size
• Print at home or get printed professionally
• Print as many copies as you like

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